2021 Labrador, Central & Western Newfoundland Results

2021 Awards and Projects:

Grace Tuglavina – North West River, Labrador – Rethink your Drink! Water pH Levels

Hannah Babstock- Eastport, Newfoundland – Does Colour Affect Taste

Amy Gillard & Ethan Woodfine – Rencontre East & Eastport, Newfoundland – Beach Waste on the South Coast and Central Newfoundland

Miya Burden – Eastport, Newfoundland – Static Electricity: Can Different Hair Types Affect It?

Cassie Saunders- Eastport, Newfoundland- Oil Spill Cleanup

Lilly Warren- Burgeo, Newfoundland- Testing the heat retention of several thermos brands to determine if they are worth the money

Lylah Mercer & Haleigh Clarke- Wabush, Labrador- Separating A Homogeneous Mixture with a Distillation Process

Andrew Dillon and Dylan Fagan- Wabush, Labrador- Elephant Toothpaste

Best in Fair 2021

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