2023 Eastern Newfoundland Science and Technology Fair

Medals based on marks Grand Award to Canada Wide Science Fair

Junior Life Sciences

The Meltdown– Honourable Mention

Adam Tarhoni

The Effects of Visible Light Wavelengths on Bacterial Growth– Honourable Mention

Chloe Flusk

Submarine Stability – Honourable Mention

Adrian Dyer

What Is the Effect on Puck Speed During the Slap Shot When the Lower Hand

is Placed at Different Positions on the Shaft of the Stick?– Honourable Mention

Oldric Clarke

Amazing Oxidization

Maya Solomon

Why So Salty?

Dace Gruchy

Veggie Voltage

Wesley Ings

How Fins Affect a Submarines Stability

Benjamin Thomas Gillingham

How Changes in Temperature Affect The Energy In A Potato

Olumoroti Adegboyega

The Durability of Engineering/Architectural Design: Wind and Weight

Madison Drover

Fly Me To The Moon

Michael Macri

How To Clean Our Drinking Water

Coles Jackman

Junior Life Sciences

Algae and pollution growth: Is our water clean– Honourable Mention

Lucy Bishop

Pot for Thought– Honourable Mention

Juan Solis

Household Germs-Honourable Mention

Alexander Noseworthy

How You Grown’ Honourable Mention

Kaitlin Barnes

Dine in or Drive in

Gwyneth Martin & Charlotte Cummings

Chill Out Grow!

Gwyn Latus

Can Google be Trusted?

Vidya Tanmayi Chedella

Age of Memory

Sophia Bishop & Katherine Lee

Does Nicotine Vapor Affect Bacterial Growth

Spencer Cyril McGrath

Music to my Heart

Amelia Parsons & Alexia Bishop

“Do You Understand?” Looking Closer at Visual and Auditory Learning Styles, and Which Ones Are Best

Hadassah Odumosu

Which is More Germ-Free: Air or Paper Towels?

Joyeeta Goyali

Going Bananas!

Stella Hender

Intermediate Life Sciences

Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks on You? – Honourable Mention

Yousha Ahmed

The Over Consumption and Mass Production of Meat. What This Means for Us and Our

Planet – Honourable Mention

Grace Bugden

Colourful LED Lighting: The Future of Indoor Farming – Honourable mention

Frank Chen

How Does the Type of Light Affect the Growth of Bacteria?

Sarah Ryan

Color Confusion: Does Color Affect Taste?

Cara Fleming

Artificial versus Natural Fertilizer

Nathan Harris & Daniel Caines

How The Outdoors Affects Mental Health

Jane Brooks

Red vs. Blue Which One Helps You

Grace Colford

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

Emerson Ryan

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Paige Sheppard

Pay Attention!

Tawana Chitske

Testing the Antibacterial Activity of Natural Remedies Against

Non-Pathogenic Strains of E. coli

Alpita Patro

Natural Method of Developing Suitable Bio-Environment in Fish Tank

Orpa Hawlader

Intermediate Physical Sciences

An Examination of the Effect of Various Drinks on Tooth Enamel– Honourable Mention

Andrew Lee

The Salinity of the Labrador Current and Gulf Stream and Their Effects on Climate

– Honourable Mention

Ava Gosse & Brianna Walsh

How Do Methods of Preservation Impact the Vitamin C Content in Fruit?

Priya Purohit & Daniel Cheng

Effect of Temperature on Rechargeable Battery Life

Rachel Williams

Is There a Better Way to Clean?

Alexander Hyde

Rethink Your Drink

Elli Barker

Crispr vs. Climate Change

Adhira Ganesh

Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Harvesting Wind Energy

Sophia Zhang

Senior Life Sciences

Does Weight Affect How Long You Run For?– Honourable Mention

Evan King & Evan King

The Effect of Probiotic Concentration in Dairy on Enzyme Activity of Lactase

– Honourable Mention

Bonita Basabose

The Effect of Varying Temperatures of Isopropanol on DNA Extraction in Fruits

– Hounrable Mention

Arwen Cruz

Testing the Effectiveness of Household Cleaners on Killing Bacteria

Molly O’Keefe & Molly O’Keefe

How ADHD Affects Children (ages 4-10) Medicated vs. Unmedicated

Claire Murphy & Olivia Weatherdon

AThe Sweet Side of Pyrolysis: Leveraging pH on Levoglucosan Yield in Bio-Oil

Sofiia Terzioglu

The Effect of Different Levels of pH 4.5-7.5 on the Growth of Various Plants

Sarah McQueen

Is Mars Habitable?

Ashley Chippett & Sarah Anderson

Comparing How Different Biodegradable Products Decompose

Matthew Pilgrim

Music Preference and How It Affects Personality Type

Sophie Sparkes & Jack Slaney

Rare is Okay

Maddie Power

Growth Rate of Varying Seed Types

Bella Patey

Effect of Temperature on Sap Production in Maple Trees

Sarada Mckim


Emma Strong

The Effects of Vegetarianism on the Human Body

Fiona Park

The Effects of An Additional Supplement of Iron on Pisum Satibum

Chaturrvi Maruthireddy

Modeling the Effect of Ocean Acidification on Global Photosynthetic Activity: Analysis of Effect of pH on the Growth Rate of Tetraselmis striata

Eldar Isgandarov

The Affect of Cooking Time (5,10,and 15 minutes) on the Vitamin C Content (mg) in Various Superfoods (broccoli, cauliflower and yellow peppers)

Georgia Roberts

An Immunoinformatic-Based Approach to Identifying a Theoretical Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2 Variants

Tanish Bhatt

Senior Physical Sciences

Tooth Decay – Honourable Mention

Rachael Hammond & Elizabeth Morey

How Salycylic Acid Buffers Provide Optimal pH for Pharmaceutical Formulations: A Study of

Buffer Capacity and Concentration Honourable Mention

Kaan Keskindil

Perpetual Pandemonium: The Effects of Motion Machine Concepts on Carts

– Honourable Mention

James Elliott & Caleb Tibbs

Examining How the Application of Different Oils Affects the

Rate of Corrosion (in cm/min) in relation to an 8.28 g/cm3 piece of 1060 High Carbon

Steel (1060-HCS)– Honourable Mention

Nyamae Alloway-Pike

Determining the Concentration of Cetirizine Hydrochloride in Allergy Tablets

Maryam Shaik

The Iced Coffee Dilemma with a Solution

Justin Tyler Roberts

Carbohydrate Calorimetry

Bethany Lee

Determing and Comparing Sodium Concentration in Sports Drinks (Gatorade, Gatorade 2, Powerade, Powerade Zero Sugar)

Lauryn Au

Does Sprocket Size Affect Speed and Acceleration?

Nickolas MacLean & Nathan Hopkins

Investigating the Impact of the Temperature Effects (5°C,10°C,15°C,20°C,25°C) on Ka of Phosporic acid (H3PO4) in Coca-Cola

Ivan Fang

Determining the Effect of Temperature on the Amount of Dissolved Oxygen in a Water Sample With a Virtual Titration using Modified Winklers Method

Maya Malene Hagen

Solar Photovoltaic Power Potential in Newfoundland

Dipayan Dhar

The Effects of Hydrocolloids on Gluten Free Baking

Ronan Cook

High Fat or Low Fat , Here’s What You Should Know

Keirsten Bradley

How Does Temperature (30, 50, 70, 90, 110°C) Effect the Amount of Iodine

Being Released from Salt

Lola McCarthy

Free Fatty Acid Content in French Fries

Megan Cui

A Crude Experiment: An Inquiry on the Price and Quality of Discounted Gasses

Alexander Loder & Wesley Mercer

Simulating Le Chatelier’s Principle

Ryan Cullen

Determining the Effect of Heat on the Calcium Ion Concentration

of Central Dairies 2% Cows Milk by Performing a Complexometric Titration with a Standardized 0.01 mol dm-3 ethylnediaminetetraacetic (EDTA) solution

Shada Tarhoni

Optimizing Sustainable Henna Dyeing: Investigating the Impact of Temperature on Hennotannic Acid Concentration

Jude Almutawa

Special Awards

2023 Sanofi Biogenius Canada Award-Eastern Newfoundland

Testing the Antibacterial Activity of Natural Remedies Against Non-Pathogenic Strains

of E. coli – Alpita Patro

Memorial University Entrance Scholarship

Simulating Le Chatelier’s Principle – Ryan Cullen

Cenovus Energy Best in Fair

Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Harvesting Wind Energy- Sophia Zhang

We are still updating special award winners.

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