The Fair

The Husky Energy Eastern Newfoundland Science and Technology Fair is an annual 2 day event that brings together the best and brightest Grade 7 to 12 science students in Eastern Newfoundland. To qualify for the fair, students prove their skills in their school science fair and then move on to the next level. The first day of the fair includes project set-up, tours of Memorial University, CNA and the Ocean Sciences Center and judging of the projects. Tours of various departments and facilities expose students to career opportunities in a variety of fields of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Engineering, Earth Sciences and Computer Science.  Oral judging of projects allows students the opportunity to present their research to, and receive feedback from experts in a wide range of science-related fields. The second day of the fair begins with a public viewing of all the projects followed by an awards ceremony.

Our Organization

The Eastern Newfoundland Science Fairs Council is devoted to the promotion and participation of youth in science fairs at the school, regional and national levels. Our mission is to engage and support youth innovation through project-based science and technology, aiding in the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes for excellence in a global community. We are a volunteer council that organizes the annual Husky Energy Eastern Newfoundland Science and Technology Fair and sends 6 students from this region to participate at the annual Canada Wide Science Fair. Our council is composed of volunteer teachers, university researchers and entrepreneurs. 

The Eastern Newfoundland Science Fairs Council is affiliated with Youth Science Canada (YSC). Since 1962 YSC has been making project-based science accessible to young Canadians with an interest in science. The YSC network includes over 100 local volunteer organizations from British Columbia to Nunavut to Newfoundland and Labrador, and encourages the scientific efforts of over half a million young Canadians.

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